Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pizza By the Pond Opens This Sunday..May 13th, Mother's Day!!!!

lookin' for.... 'shrooms, fiddle heads, and ramps

I went  " 'shroomin" yesterday...looking for morels.....
 Not here, or it seems , anywhere else I looked. I'm not sure if with this weird weather it is too late or too early.
 However, I did see  some Jack in the Pulpit starting to unfold their cloaks
Since I was striking out with the morels, I figured I would check the bog  to see how the fiddle heads were coming along. I expected to find this 

Instead I was shocked to find this:

 Three weeks ago I couldn't even find any ferns beginning to emerge and now they are exploding open overnight!
I'll be lucky if I can harvest enough young fiddle heads  for a couple of weeks worth of "Pizza By The Pond" before they all decide to flaunt their green feathers....sigh.

Oh well, the wood nettles arent  quite up yet, and the watercress is just beginning to sprout in the creek...I just never know what I will find  and when, I guess that's what makes wild harvesting most interesting, a bit frustrating....and fun!

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  1. Facinating! Thanks for sharing! I want to learn more of this!