Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy HolyDays!

A lovely display of our "Noella" mold which shimmers gold in the light

As  the longest day of the year approaches, it is always nice to have a reminder that spring will eventually come again. In  the world of a "caver",   cheese  "in bloom"  with it's beautiful varied assortments of microflora" (molds) will most certainly bring a smile.... but for  now, even for the cheese, it is  time to rest.
 The  temperature in the cave now  hovers just below 50F, the molds grow more slowly, the cheese  ages more slowly and I even find myself moving more slowly. This is the time to rest, rejuvenate, and allow the natural cycle of the earth to replenish our depleted energy reserves, a much easier task once the holidays have swiftly  moved passed us!

A stack of  natural mold rinded cheese waiting for their "bath".

Everyone here at LoveTree (above ground and below!) wish you all a restful and serene HolyDay Season!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Puppies, Goats, and Surprise Samplers!

 New winter hours for Pizza By The Pond!
 We will be open Sundays from 2:00pm -7:00pm!

Ahhh yes! Brrrrrrrrrrisk weather is upon us! We have hardly any snow on the ground, only about 1/2 an inch, just enough to remind us that it really is winter, as if the cold nights aren't enough! The  bellies on the goats are  a bit bigger than I would normally expect at this time, looks like we may be in for some cold weather  kidding, hopefully not before Christmas!  The goats are currently sharing their pen with our litter of Spanish Ranch Mastiff pups, which makes one ponder...would that be  a three dog or  a three goat night? Hmmm

Spanish Ranch Mastiff pup not quite sure what to make of  his new roommates, the goats.

This weekend looks to be above normal temperatures, with Sunday forecast to be over 35F! Great time to enjoy a wood fired pizza  in the Grotto!! It continues to amaze me how great food taste when it's cold outside! We don't  have enough snow yet for ski ing, snow shoeing or sledding, but it is a great time for hiking through the refuge, the land's winter wardrobe makes a fashion statement  only seen at this time of year plus you can have fun looking for wildlife tracks!

Staghorn Sumac in the refuge

We also have our Gift Box Cheese Samplers now  available!!! They range in price from $35.00 up to $110.00
We are having a little bit of coding problems on the order page of our website, but that should be rectified by the end of this weekend, until then, I am posting their selection below.

Our " Surprise  Sampler" is a selection  of  the best that the cave has to offer for that particular week and is one of our customer's favorite choices.
We are known for our "rustic"packaging with  each piece of cheese being wrapped simply  in white butcher paper, nestled in a bed of fresh meadow hay topped with a frond of northern white cedar and a brochure. We choose the cheese, you get to enjoy it!  We ship  USPS priority mail

 "Personally Yours"
The perfect size for  a single person or couple that would like to sample a  variety of 3 different cheeses each in approx. 1/2 lb. increments. 
$35.00 (plus shipping)

"More Cheese Please!"
A  variety of 3 different cheeses each in approx.  1 lb. chunks,  the perfect size for sharing with friends.
$70.00 (plus shipping)

"It's A Party!"
A delicious selection of five different cheeses each in approx.1 lb. increments... makes a great line up for a party or perfect for  the happy cheese snacking family.

$110.00 (plus shipping)