Driving Directions

From Twin Cities: (SouthWest)

I35 north to Taylors Falls Exit (HyWy 8) Follow HyWy 8 to 
Taylors Falls, then cross the river into Wisconsin and take the
first immediate left which is WI HyWy 87. Follow 87 for 20 
miles north to County Rd "Z", take a right (east) and follow for 
2.5 miles. At the end of the 2.5 miles you will come around a 
sharp curve in the road which will bend to your left, the drive 
to "Pizza by the Pond" is on the right...there will be saw horse
signs at the end of the driveway, just follow the drive to 
the "Grotto!"

From the North/Northwest:

From WI HyWy 70, take WI 87 9 miles south of Grantsburg,
WI to  County Road Z,  turn left (east) onto "Z". follow "Z" 
for 2.5 miles. 
At the end of the 2.5 miles you will come around a sharp 
curve in the road which will bend to your left, the drive to
 Pizza by the Pond is on the right...there will be saw horse 
signs at the end of the driveway, just follow the drive to 
the "Grotto!"

From the East:

Follow WI HyWy 48 for 6 miles west of Frederic, Wi. 
Take a soft left at Burnett County "Z" and continue
 a very short distance to the first stop sign. Continue 
forward (west) on Burnett County  "Z" (do NOT turn left
at the stop sign!) A brick church will appear on your left,
if you turned the wrong way, a white church will appear 
on your left, then you need to turn around!)
Follow Z for 2 miles. you will pass BigTrade Lake on your
right. The last half mile "Z " will pull away from the lake 
and you will go up a hill, look for the saw horse "pizza" signs 
on your left at the end of the driveway and follow the drive
to the "Grotto!"