Thursday, August 23, 2012

Essential Ingredients: Hard Work and Playtime!

We've  been very blessed  this year to have rain..
Rain makes it possible for our sweet Wisconsin pastures to grow and nourish the sheep, cows and goats.

Fresh grass makes good feed which makes great milk!

It takes a lot of time and labor to move the animals back and forth each day for milking. Fences have to be moved to good grass, and  loose animals have to be caught and persuaded to move to  where you want them to go.
Emma taking the cows back to pasture  

We cant safely graze the animals in this region without the help of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. They help to keep the livestock safe from creatures such as coyotes, wolves, bears, and even the occasional cougar.
Xena, our "grand dam" (13 years old) with her recent  surprise litter of two, nestled into her hillside den

All work and no fun makes for a boring summer! Emma decided to give Peng (our intern from China) a lesson on the finer points of paddle boating at a local lake.

  The swimming is best enjoyed from a platform in the middle of the lake where the lily pads don't get in the way.

Hard work and playtime are both essential  for creating a quality product and a life of quality!