Friday, October 15, 2010

It's In The Air!

We can all feel the energy, it surges through everything in it's path, most of all...the birds. Their restlesness is evident in the migratory flocks making their  final practice runs before departing south. The sandhill cranes swoop low and deliberate, necks extended  as they circle the neighboring corn field looking for food to stockpile their energy reserves; as the geese circle in loose knit formations, training in this years goslings to the south bound flight patterns
 It is also evident in this season's bewildered fawns who erratically and clumsily maneuver the trails and roads like impaired drunken drivers seemingly lost without the guidance of their mom, having been abandoned in favor of the company of a hormonally charged rutting buck.
 I too can  feel it , I find that my step has quickened with an anxious purpose....just gotta squeeze every last moment of warmth out of this season that I can! I dont dread winter, but I do fear not being ready for it. Perhaps what I fear the most is to be sitting idly inside on a very cold winter day wistfully regretting not fully absorbing all of the fleeting, but wondrous, moments of the "fall".