Friday, April 8, 2011

Ice, Lambs, Fresh Air and Yard Ornaments

"Pizza By The Pond" is closed until May 1st, maybe then the snow will be gone!

The sun is shining, the mud is ever so slowly receding, and there is actually a glimmer of green grass. This week I celebrate my 25th year here on the farm, and this is the very first year that I have seen the ponds and local lakes  still frozen at this late of date!

Lambs are FINALLY out on the pasture, even though there really isnt any grass to graze just yet, at least they are able to cruise about and enjoy the sunshine.

Since the pastures arent truly ready for the animals yet, (if they are all put out too soon  it  can ruin the fields)  Dave has been creatively  'relocating " the beasts to different locations so they can enjoy the warm fresh air.   Needless to say, I am not thrilled  by the new "yard ornaments"...yes, that really is a cow, along with sheep and goats in my back yard grrrrrrr.

The guardian dog pups and goat kids are enjoying lounging about  in the warmer temps, although the geese are loudly complaining about the lack of "swim-ability" of  the  ponds. The muskrats, however, have been extremely active...despite the fact that  their spring time exploration has, on occasion, led to their untimely demise. They seem to insist on breaching the lambing paddock where the guardian dogs have no tolerance for their shenanigans. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

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