Friday, April 22, 2011


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                                                    Off They Go!

The sheep are rebelling! The grass wont grow when temperatures are below 40F and they are simply tired of eating hay, so over the hill they go in pursuit of greener pastures. They are just as tired as we are  of this gloomy cold weather. Will spring ever get here?   Maybe  this IS spring this year. Maybe, just maybe.... once the cold weather  stage finally plays itself out, we will automatically  jump into summer? Maybe not.

I think we all secretly want to be like real sheep. We all want the freedom to be able to say , "the heck with it! I have  had enough!" as we throw our inhibitions aside and  charge off in a new direction hoping   for the best...eating whatever we find in our path.
That's how real sheep solve their problems.
If that were to actually happen, who would the shepherd be?  Who would be the one running behind us yelling expletives at our defiance, wildly waving his  arms in angry frustration, loudly yelling threats as he  protests our impulsive act? Would  his angry  rhetoric escalate, or would his behavior eventually yield to gentle, persuasive murmurs?  Would he indulge us as we  wander for a while, allowing us to eat our fill of the sparse morsels of the fresh sweet grass before  he attempts to entice us  to follow his direction?
Or would he simply say "the heck with it!" and call in the border collies?

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