Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frozen Lumps, And Sleeping Dogs

"Pizza By The Pond" is closed until May 1st, perhaps by then the snow will be gone!
The weather stations claim that rain is coming our way for the next day or two, so there is actually a  possibility that this white stuff may be gone by this weekend!!!!! To kind of quote Laura Ingalls Wilder "This has been one VERY long winter."!

Walking outside is a challenge, if walking is actually the appropriate term for the way we pick our way across the back yard from one lump of frozen slush to the next...with vacuum sucking mud in between. Our  guardian dogs lay slumped about the  barn yard, lazily  gazing across the road at the  neighbor's incessantly barking  dogs.  The penned up bored beasts  attempt to  goad  our guardians into action.. seemingly desperate for  a distraction from the mundane mud and snow. The guardians are too tired from nighttime patrols to bother with their silliness, their nights having been filled with relentless harassment  from the local coyotes. They have no time for such nonsense, not when sleep is waiting.

The geese are back, honking loudly during their courting antics, and cock pheasants are seen gliding proudly over the marshes.Everyone it seems, is waiting for the green of spring

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