Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God, Geese, A Symphony Of Peace

("Pizza By The Pond" is closed until May 1st,)

There Really IS a God! The Ice is GONE!!!!

The long light of evening shimmers across the pond in a rare lonesome dance, no buzzing  of bugs, no frogs chirping, just stillness. The conductor raises his wand commanding a brief moment of silence,  the air is thick with anticipation of the imminent music. 
The change of seasons is so subtle, it can slip by  unnoticed!
Two geese nestled in a trance like repose, hidden behind the shoreline trees. The gander alert to protect his mate, yet silent, in a quiet hush awaiting the first hatch of  the season.
Ewes on the hill, relaxed, grazing.....
lambs lazily napping, mamas savor their brief moment of peace....


they have a trusted babysitter....
old Xena LOVES her lambs!
Life is a gift!

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