Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Walk In The Woods

                         ("Pizza By The Pond" Opens This Sunday May 1st!)

Waking up this morning to a  fresh carpet of snow was simply an insult to my dogs' and my sense of humor! 
The cold temps have kept the grass from it's typical spring explosion of growth, and the wet sloppy snow makes for wet sloppy dogs. Thankfully, the snow was short lived and was melted before noon.
Poor "Pumba"

It seems that the best way to beat the "gray sky grumps" is to take off to  the woods in search of  wild edibles! 
On the way to the woods, I met up with  our wandering  "nomadic sheep".Freshly shorn this week, we turned them loose so that they would have their choice of shelter  during this nasty spell of weather.
"Nomadic" Sheep

Once  in the wood lot, the "ramps"(wild leeks) did not disappoint, their vibrant green leaves waved in the soft breeze, promising spring's eventual arrival. The drought of the past 8 years truly hurt the ramp  population and knowing that they take over 5 years to reach maturity prevents me from pulling  them up by their bulbs. I'll simply clip the tasty leaves instead, they will make a fine addition to the "Pizza By the Pond"  menu.
"Wild Ramps"

As I followed a path of ramps, meandering from one clump to another, the sound of splashing  in the nearby little lake got my attention. Looking up I saw a  nesting pair  of  trumpeter swans tucked into the shoreline marsh grass.  The cob swam out to check me out,  he posed beautifully for the photo.
Trumpeter Cob

Deeper into the woods on  my way to a secluded  bog, I passed  the first emerging   woodland  flowers,(bloodroot) not yet in bloom,  patiently waiting.  
"Wild Bloodroot"

Best time of year to visit the little bog, no bugs! Unfortunately, no fiddleheads yet either,dang!
"Dormant Ostrich Fern"
Oh well, the tiny little coils  do appear to be ready to pop, they just need  a couple of warm days and then  they can grow 6 inches overnight! I'm crossing my fingers that there may be some ready for this Sunday, but low night time temps  may make them  hold off  until nest week.  

Looks like I will just have to "force" myself to go for another walk in the  woods before Sunday,  life is so  tough!

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