Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did you hear the one about......

"Say, did you hear the one about the Chinese pig farmer, the Parisian business student, and the New York vegetarian????"
That's my son's  favorite phrase lately which sums up   a delightful assortment of  young adults  that are currently staying with us due to our  joining  a couple of different internship programs.

. The first to arrive was "Kevin", a bright and energetic young man from China, who LOVES raising pigs but wants to learn about sheep and how to work Border Collies.
The only  problem we have with this extremely well mannered fellow is that  he is, well...extremely well mannered! We are constantly  having to tell him to ease up on himself, he works too hard.

Kevin and "Dice"

Marine arrived a week after Kevin, wide eyed and extremely good natured, our student from Paris. She wants to live in a different culture for a month while she is  immersed in English in preparation for her business studies at the universtiy. She has spent her entire life in the city, and wants a new adventure. She likes the animals but really wants to learn how to  make pizza for her family. She also has a surprising sense of humor...

The day Lauren arrived in Minneapolis  from Syracuse she took a taxi straight from the airport over to the Kingfield Farmers market where Dave was selling cheese. She jumped right in and proceeded to amaze Dave with how comfortable she was at the cheese table,  it was immediately clear  that the customers really took a shine to her. How could they not? She has a smile the size of Lake Superior!! Lauren is contemplating majoring in mycology or possibly forest pathology.

Three amazing young adults, we are truly blessed with their presence for the next month!!

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