Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pizza By The Pond Is Open on July 3rd, inspite of Friday's "Big Nasty"!!

Fourth of July weekend kicked of with a big nasty wind   and storm, Really??? I mean, was that REALLY  necessary???
Geeeez!! That super nasty"big evil wind' did not leave us unscathed, it did take down  one of our 150 year old maples and a few other trees, but hey, now we have some decent wood for the Pizza fire!
Thankfully the power is now back on and the roads are cleared, it's  time to count our blessings and  enjoy each other's company and great pizza! 
Besides, I did not  hand knead 90 lbs of pizza dough  (by candlelight) for nothing!!!
Weather forecast for Sunday promises  to be sunny and calm...we can use more of that around here !

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