Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duck Weed and Dog Days

(The Cooking Channel just called tonight and will be at Pizza By The Pond  ONLY until 12:00pm
on  July 31st.!  We are VERY VERY bummed out because we wanted our customers to be part of this event. :-(    Evidently  the film crew was rerouted to another event  and had to be rescheduled for an earlier flight out.  "Pizza By The Pond" will be open at it's normal  hours of 2-8pm.  Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The show (The Big Cheese) is due to be aired on the Cooking Channel in October
Relaxing on the Overlook, watching the Duck Weed grow.
No news to anyone, it's hot and muggy. The dogs know it, the livestock knows it, we know it, and the Duck Weed definitely  knows it! As is typical this time of year, the "Pond" has taken on a brilliant chartreuse green layer  of Duck Weed. Duck Weed is not to be confused with algae, rather, it is the smallest known flowering plant on the planet, it floats on top of the water and it has an amazing reproduction cycle in the warmer weather. It can regenerate itself every 16-24 hours under ideal conditions, which is evident on the "Pond". Not only is it prolific, but it is able to out compete soybean for protein, DW can produce  the same amount of protein as soybean in  one tenth the area!!!! Amazing!!! No wonder  the ducks love eating it!!!
Why arent the agricultural communities harvesting DW??? Perhaps it's because there is no money in selling the seed since it seems to "magically" appear?
Wouldnt it be  cool if we could figure out how to put "water wings" on the sheep so they could graze it as they float?

"Spanish Ranch Mastiff " pup, "Chubs"
 "Chubs" also agrees that the "Dog Days of Summer " are upon us. He is very good about conserving his energy during these warm days, so much so that you would swear that he is stuck in 1st gear, at least compared to the Border Collie pup, "Dice"

Dice, spinning circles around "Chubs"
No matter how  much taunting and pleading he does, "Dice" cant get  "Chubs" to play.
"Hey "Dice", you have some pretty cool moves, spin some more!"

As far as "Chubs" is concerned, "play" consists of just laying back and allowing "Dice" to entertain him  as he  spins circles around "Chubs"

"Dont leave "Dice",  come "chill with me!"

Unlike "Chubs", "Dice" does not have a 1st gear and is off to find a more willing play partner.....

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