Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Retreat!

Hot humid  weather  is not really a big thing  when you can kick back and relax in a nice airconditioned house, but when you live in a 110 year old poorly insulated  testimony to Swedish stubborness, it can be a bit of a  creative  challenge.  We sleep with the windows open and at the first threat of sunny rays beating on the house, we hurridly run about closing them all. Losing our main shade tree  in the last storm  only  amplified the  necessity to upgrade our insulation (along with many other items!)
 During the past month we have come to really enjoy the "Grotto" down by "The Pond". It has become our own version of a summer kitchen, our own mini retreat center. Since the middle of May we have retreated to the "Grotto" to  celebrate  a high school graduation, three birthdays, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and many evening meals on a hot summer day. A nice refreshing breeze over the shaded pond always seems to cool and refresh us,  allowing us the luxury of enjoying  our own "air conditioning unit" northwoods style.
Join us this Sunday for an escape from the heat, a cool picnic under the shade trees is a quick and easy way to refresh and rejuvenate your sense of well being. If it rains, we all  gather under the shelter of the "Grotto",  enjoying the company of  each other for a spontaneous party while "The Pond " entertains us with it's backdrop of natural summer beauty. We have watched many  a storm pass overhead while tucked into the hillside  of the Grotto, knowing that if the storm did decide to become "very entertaining" we have a safe front row seat!

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