Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Trumpeters are back!

Stood outside at the St Paul Winter Market today...wind gusts of up to 30 mph driving the temps down to 8 March! GADS! I still dont understand why urban  Minnesotans dont wear long underwear...I mean, it isnt like they never go outside!

(Yes, I have  no shame,  I actually took my own poll and NONE of my customers don "long johns") 

I personally think that if someone started a fashion trend for quilted clothing so that everyone looked poofy in winter, even the most ardent fashion slave would secretly be cheering  for their new found warmth! 

The wind has FINALLY calmed down and it looks like Sunday will be a gorgeous day!

Lambs, lots and lots of lambs! Puppies! and of course great PIZZA!!!!!
(no, Eric, NOT puppy pizza! )

 And...the first true sign of spring... the Trumpeter Swans are back!!! (time to duck and cover !!!)

There is still snow for x country skiing, but the trails are fast, if you are a skate skier that is great, if you are a classic skier it may be a bit of a challenge, but still fun! The sledding hill is wickedly fast right now!!! Yippeee!!!
Dont forget to bring your snow toys and your appetite...and your sunscreen!!!!:-)

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