Friday, September 30, 2011


Fall, Indian Summer, my absolute favorite time of year, the colors are now peaking! I once turned down a consulting job because it wouldve taken me away from here during this amazing time. This season IS why we tolerate the long winters, the  bizarre weather patterns and the slippery roads.


Brilliant Fall  Staghorn Sumac
 A sudden cold snap wakes us up out of our summer daze, jarring us into the reality of change

Andy's last day at the St Paul Market before going off to college.
Just for today, I  want to stop time.  I love the autumn, but I will sorely miss the summer. The little boy will always be my little boy, although I am so proud of him as a young man.

"Holmes Lake Apple Orchard,  just down the road, open  24/7

Many beautiful changes have taken place during the last month, the apples down the road at Holmes Lake Orchard are now ready for the picking...where else can you go to a 24 hour pick your own apple orchard?

"Tule" one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs, heavy with pups.
"Tule, our Spanish Ranch Mastiff gifted us with a litter of 8 pups, photos will soon follow!

Dave was FINALLY able to beat the rain  and get some  hay up!!!

Jon with "Windy"
Jon, a very pleasant  young man from  Georgia (USA) has come to stay with us for a while to experience farming in the northwoods, he also makes GREAT pizzas!!! 

"Setsuko" a cheery gal from Japan  has blessed us with her presence for two weeks, and "Sophie" arrives from the U.K this coming goodness!

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  1. hello! interested in coming for a Sunday visit. could you share an address so I could "map it"? Leigh Ann