Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Day

The wind has finally slowed to a mild breeze, it is a gorgeously,  lazy day!  Every critter on the farm seems to have shifted into low gear as they enjoy the peace and calm of this tranquil day. Even the vat of cheese seems to be sleeping  as it slowly knits into a curd. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The chickens softly clucked their way across the yard  as their guardian ,Candace, quietly looked on, she has never been one to steal Peter the Rooster's thunder.

"Dobby" and "Yoda" 

 As I left the cheese room I heard a commotion int the barn, it "app ears" that  the kid goats were upset about  something.Hmmm. Upon further inspection, the yearling  calves were not where they were supposed to be and were, upsetting the goats greatly......

Shame, Shame.....

"Freddy",   and  "Blossom"...

Guilty as charged!!!                                            

The beasts go back to their pens, and ......the pups get bored 

They get tired of watching their "aunt" watch "her " chickens,  and the chickens wouldnt off they go to explore the barn.

 Ahh yes, lets wake up big sister, chew up a hose and make a general mess of sense in taking the blame...we'll just go back to sleep and.....

simply blame it on the chickens!!!!!

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