Monday, May 16, 2011

Quiet Cove

("Pizza By The Pond" will be closed Sunday May 22nd in honor of our son's 
                   high school graduation. We will re-open on May 29th)

Geese enjoying the quiet of the cove
This past Sunday was yet one more of many blustery days that we have endured over the past couple of weeks. I  know that  the wind is necessary in order to usher in the warmer weather, but it can  definitely erode on one's sense of humor and patience. As my capacity to endure the crappy weather shrinks, it's always good to remember,( as the wild critters know all too well) that  there's no sense in wasting  precious energy waging war with the weather, especially when peace and pizza can be  found nestled in a quiet cove. 
One of the benefits of being tucked into a  hillside is that picnickers at the"Grotto" are  able to enjoy a placid and quiet afternoon even though the wind  may be  blasting about on the higher pastures. 

Ostrich fern fiddle heads
 I found the best way to pick up my spirits on a dark gloomy day  is to hike through the woods. Even though the morels are no where to be seen (yet!), the fiddle heads are springing up and make for a great pizza addition.

Rue (anemone)

The various ephemeral wildflowers are a true bonus and makes  a daily fiddle head harvest even that much more enjoyable. Since their bloom time is extremely short lived, the daily woodland walk is always different, the previous day's flowers are gone and new ones have emerged!

Wild ginger
This wild ginger is  not only an unusual flower, but also makes a lovely ground cover, I just might  transplant some to my own yard.

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