Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Are Getting Warmer!!!

Just a few quick updates before I scoot out the door...
The   wood cookstove is  now in the warming  hut as supplemental heat, we will do the trial run this morning but since it is the same stove that I used to actually cook on in my farm house kitchen I have total faith that it will  be just great. 
The ski trails and sledding hill are groomed! We are starting with just a little less than 4 miles of trails and we will add a bit more every week as  the weather allows.
Remember, we supply  the atmosphere  but everyone needs to bring their own equipment. We dont rent iceskates or skis or snow shoes, (maybe someday).
Dont forget suntan lotion for your face and sunglasses!!!!! It is  a bright and beautiful day!!!!!
Time to play!

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